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WinPatrol 14.0.2007.0 - Sigurnosni Software 25.1.2008


WinPatrol 14.0.2007.0: Dostupna nova verzija

Dostupna nova verzija WinPatrol 14.0.2007.0. WinPatrol software pomaze pri uklanjanju Crva, Trjoanaca, Adware, Spyware nezeljenih
Cookia. Software je besplatan, ali dostupna je i PLUS verzija sa nesto vise funkcija cijena 29,95 US-Dollara.
Listu izmejna mozete procitati ispod.

  • Enhanced Keylogger Detection
    The use of keyloggers for illegal purposes has exploded. A Schenectady man was recently jailed for up to three years for felony eavesdropping after putting a keylogger on his wife's computer. I've heard too many stories of abuse made possible due to keyloggers so it's time for it to stop. While WinPatrol PLUS had always detected keyloggers we've enhanced this feature and it's now available to free users so everyone is protected.

  • Interactive PLUS code Activation
    Unfortunately the number of users depending on illegal PLUS codes has become a problem. While honored by the worldwide popularity of WinPatrol this could slow down access to PLUS information by our paid supporters. Our new version will do more to screen out invalid codes. In a few cases, users may find their valid codes are no longer working correctly. Those affected can write to support @ WinPatrol.com and we'll make sure they receive the correct code.

  • Optimized Detection of New Services
    As more and more programs move to the Windows Service model it become apparent that this may be a popular avenue of attack in the future. The routine used to monitor and detect new Window Services has been optimized to make this process transparent.

  • Decrease CPU Usage and Conflicts
    Conflicts with some other registry intense programs may have resulted in abnormally high CPU usage on past versions. WinPatrol 14 includes some intelligent routines to allow complete protection without fighting over resources with other security suites and system level programs.

  • Default -expressboot option
    WinPatrol now includes a -expressboot option which will be used when machines boot up for the first time. This new feature optimizes boot time and allows other applications to maximize their initialization routines.

  • Regular Registry Cleanup
    Some registry cleaners have complained that we don't clean up some data stored in the registry quickly enough. This version will remove information that is no longer needed and "First Detected" information on a regular basic when the file no longer exists.

  • Multiple copies of WinPatrol in startup
    Occasionally, users have written to let us know they have multiple copies of Scotty in the list of Startup programs. This version can correct any errors by checking the "Automatically run WinPatrol" box under the Options tab.

Download: wpsetup.exe (690 Kb)




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