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eMule Plus 1.2d Final - download 19.5.2008

eMule Plus 1.2d Final


eMule Plus je modificirana i oficijelna verzija poznatog Filesharing-programa eMule. Mod je sad dostupan u novoj verziji 1.5d za download. Nova verzija se uglavnom razlikuje po novoj radnoj povrđini. Client je Open Source i ne sadrži Spy- ili Adware.


  • FEATURE: Unicode support [Eklmn/Aw3/KuSh]
  • FEATURE: show client properties on right click on tab in chat window [Eklmn]
  • FEATURE: Video Player parameters {glaskrug/Lastwebpage} [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: facility to update comment filter and file cleanup tags for current installation [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: WebServices link for IMDb movie info look-up [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: 'Keep search history' setting to preserve or not search history [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: WebServer: preserve list statuses between restarts [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: WebServer: preserve client queue statuses between restarts [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: simplified shared files hashing thread [KuSh]
  • CHANGE: extended statistics successful and failed download sessions to keep bigger values [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: consider auto and jumpstart attributes while sorting by priority [KuSh]
  • CHANGE: select current backup directory on backup directory browsing [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: increased compiler warning level to 4 [Aw3/KuSh]
  • CHANGE: proper share mode for open files [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: download comment rating clean-up after comment filter update {Efix} [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: better compatibility to run default system preview application (original) [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: increased upper range for 'File Buffer Size', setting was made compatible with original [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: transfer window sub-pane state was moved to preferenes.ini (gui.dat is not used anymore) sub-pane state will be set to default on the first start [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: more robust checks to load transfer window sub-pane state [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: robust case insensitive ed2k link parsing {Avi-3k} [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: removed 'Ignore eMule protocol messages' to enforce IRC anonimity {Bruno} [KuSh]
  • CHANGE: more robust IRC ident {KerneL} [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: speeded up some disk operations [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: localized proxy errors [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: restore window to exact previous position by 'Bring to front on link click' [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: WebServer: show download list source information similar to GUI {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: WebServer: don't load/save preferences.ini on change of particular parameters [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: memory leak while editing of the server properties [Eklmn]
  • BUGFIX: wrong statistics slide control positions on consequential preferences open [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: applying of some preferences settings when several are altered at once {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: stuck credits control and about dialog when focus is lost while holding mouse [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: reporting of corrupted part traffic data files {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: vulnerability in staticservers.dat processing [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: HTTP download dialog localization [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: incorrect large file size sent to some clients in shared file list packets [KuSh/Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: wrong corruption lost and saved by compression statistics values at installation time [Eklmn]
  • BUGFIX: Ban Request Interval configuration for locales with comma as decimal-point [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: stuck splitter control in transfer/messages windows when focus is lost while holding mouse [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: redraw statistics plots without delay after window restore or size change {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: loading of InfoView column splitter [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: incorrect client.met.bak generation which didn't do it in the most cases {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: crash caused by shared files list merging after file completion and outside renaming {DonGato} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: resources leak caused by deleting or merging part file in the shared files list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: modeless ed2k link registration and server list update message boxes {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: missed percentage in the shared files statistics on the very first drawing {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: wrong max search limit was sent to servers when more than 4GB was specified [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: crash on moving items in list controls {JCRIADO/paolo} [KuSh/Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: download list file selection after collapsing by keyboard {glaskrug} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: crash on enabling last list column {AqUaRiUs} [KuSh/Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: sending double cancel requests in some rare cases [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corruption of .part.met files when disk is full [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: authentication configuration for SOCK5 proxy [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: missed stalled status for active files without a hashset [DoubleT/Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: messed waiting for hash and hashing file statuses in GUI and WebServer {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: application date format changed after WebServer usage {glaskrug} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: localization of the socket connection setup error [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: sorting by size in the search list [Aw3]

Download: eMulePlus-1.2d.Installer.exe (2,41 Mb)









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